How’d you do what’s-his-name?

She exists

I’ve seen her do it.

When the Lord won’t show himself the door

then you know it’s love.


Here you come

You come in my room

you come

a short gang licks lungs

for fun

so what should we do?

Donning capes?

Or making new moons?

They’re there.

Outfoxing parents?

Or prayer?

So what should we do?

In my room

cut in two

You’re light and dark

and when you coming over?

At the Pool

No girls where your sister goes

No boys where my teeth erode

but tons of runs in panty hose.

Glued to the prudes

I want to be glued.

Screwed, truly screwed.

I want to be glued.

Glued to the prudes

but at the pool

sluts lining in queues.

Fag Feels Good

Physical to me

Physical to me

Christian kids in camouflage


Where guitars sound like guitars

they’re ours.

My hand held on sneak-outs

Pure and lured.

Acid King of Hell (Guitar Feelings)


I like you

come drive me

into the woods by my house

in Esprit blouse

you sneaky mouse

where you wear the…

Because we’ve seen intervention

from the tip of a ship

and today it looks like a busted lip

I bet it heals like a busted lip

And with a nightstick

we’ll crush skulls so thick

If we’re feeling autistic


Ghost Cat

Kiss as if someone

lives in your throat

wearing your coat

in the back of your throat.

He’s rotten teeth

He’s broken heart

Ghost cat heartbeat

Thumps with mine

We feel fine


Omar, my love

I’m not straight or tough.


Let’s hide from the heat

Pig out on sweets

Stick out your tongue

And swallow the streets


We sing you

Night Carole

in darkest peace

and if you stay forever

we’ll let you leave

We did not summon no one

We summoned you

You cleared your throat

You licked your lips

You summoned us too

I’ll never…


No friends

No friends

could hesitate

could take away

No one sees what I see

when you’re with me

In First or Second Kings

he ripped

boys like me

he chose you to see

he cut out my eyes


And spent 2003

missing virginity

crying in Austin’s arms

to Kevin’s alarm

interlocking healing limbs

new pseudonyms

sleepwalking and sicknessing


To be held

just like a kitchen knife, Kier

to unveil and split new seams

Things are hatching

And opening up

Newborn muscles crisp like leaves

To be held

just like a kitchen knife, Kier

To unveil and split new seams

Things are hatching

Open up

Black hole believes

Comes back to me

My closest friends

The living dead

Drumlessly march over me

Lawlessly going home

The Nights Were Walls (We Climbed Them All)

My friends and I at night

Going where we please

My friends and I invite

You to bring us to our knees

Each had three Cherry Cokes

And gave them back

My stomach curled with passion

Remained intact

We slept in sleeping bags

We slept in stacks




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