Infinity Caller

(these lyrics were supposed to be spread out by line, but then it published like this and I liked it so good luck)

Lion Name

Oh, Lion Name, I can move like youI can summon my mouth to coughI can swallow flu.Vials in the rainin the viler sunThey’re collecting and spilling outbreathing like lungs.Another exorcist and another oneAnother exorcist and another one casting us outTender underage under overpassBasic cable beige, basic cable trashDemons in dads.I never knew you were so pitch dark but you are.See, Lion Name, you don’t get too closeYou don’t talk like you used to talkYou don’t invokeLoser alleyway, loser cul-de-sacUgly subdivision bluesloser intact.Another exorcist and another one
Another exorcist and another one casting us out.Bitter

I Think We’re Alone Now

Ariel, too close to tellwhich gaps existwhich girls you’ve kissedsleep in monolips like windowsbratty drummerlearns to imposeI think we’re alone nowWe are
Try to drive and hit the lineson some road with lanesthat shares your nameI think we’re alone nowWe are

Sleep Detective

I was in handsNow understandthat in those handsI was a man.I fell asleepin vaguest armsmy Vedic friendwho never ends.My head the copis mouthing offlearned how to talkand’s mouthing off.But Vedic friend with another lessonto give to copthis one’s from the top.I’m made of milkI’m made of meatI’m made of laughsI’m made of sweetsWe’re separatebut that’s alright.I’m eaten cakeYou’re purple rite.You grip me goodand shut me upand soothe my gutmore than enough.The rain is funand cop could playbut deepest bluesand stays away.I am protectedcop is digestedin Vedic friendwho never ends.

Iskra Goodbye

New one, talking and holding out
Talk to you, never was another.Constellations hanging on your ceiling.New inky feelings scratch and poutblack you out.Deep sleepvoid of voids coming to.Long armsto wrap around your brother.More powerful/more powerlessinto sweater knits.So new one, scratch and hitand you’re through with it.


Oh headless menthe music of friendssharking their way through the sheetsAn ocean of boysneckties for toysnever more dead than discreet. Touching his facethere was a tracethat he was in love.They do what they want tothey do what they want toThey scream. Heavens above.”Never” was the name of the passionate oneSecretary who to marry?Wife is at home or she’s not.The finest of trysts will never be missedhave two lives if that’s what you want.The cream of the past is taken out trash.I was in love.So take if you’ll have itand bring out the future in tongues.”Whatever” was the name of the passive-est one.

Susie Jo

Susie Jo with polioI’m listening through the phoneSister’s sick and so is Nickso we’re flying home.Smoked with dad in ambulanceand listened to the beeps.I miss everyone I miss everyone
When we met
we were tied in barrett.We we sangwe were joined, bang-to-bang.And we walkedtil we’re sore, wanted more.When we movedwe were house, we were room.When we foughtwe were knit, we were cloth.And our hairwas the hair of the flock.


Picture yourself in the heart of it allWhere your friends are so tallThe skinniest skins and they kiss on the lipsThey give others their flipsI don’t wannaSeparate issue:they won’t miss you when you’re gone.You come for the comfort and stay for the cakeand the punch is still laced.You stay in the entrance and pace like a monkand you mope like a punk. Now another:I could smother my new friends but they’d never know.So picture yourself in the heart of it allwith new friends who won’t callthey’re skinny as skins and they kiss on the lipsand they grip by the hips.configure yourself into rave in Bosch Hell
full of names you can’t spell.Haley and Michael are walking on headswhile you should be in bed.Bratty with ginfeels like a dreamit must’ve been

Very Very Librarian

Very very librarianvery very librarian nowsoftly sorting through the stacksfifteen buttons down and pleated slacks.Somebody’s making exceptions for younobody cares but everyone knewThat’s the wayAt the Crescents in RowsWalking talking limbless spinesAzzy, Stephen, where are the lines?Somebody’s making exceptions for you
nobody cares but everyone knew
what you do
At the Crescents in Rows

Sometimes Sometimes

Nothing’s gonna harm youcause nothing couldnestled in a Volvosafe beneath hoodCrosses over entrancedreams a doormessy intuitionrise from the floorSometimes this is whySometimes this is whyTalking like a weirdonow you’re realTalking like a wishercovered in appealNothing’s gonna harm youand nothing didsofter than a pillow slept on by bad kids
Sometimes this is whysometimes sometimes.

Infinity Caller

Who called you?Who called you?Vamped out with bad friendsbut they’ll doand so will you yeah, you’ll doso welcome to the crew.Who called you?Across your cheek bonesBad skinand pretty eyesyou can absolutely when you get to know meact surprised.In dreamy dress, boysin ashes and honeyIn summer camp, boysand bigots with moneyIn pushy pornostarring everybodyIn flowing hair, boysoh, you wanna talk to the Lord.


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