New Album out Feb 17 / Death by Audio Pt. 3

So it’s over. Our home for 7+ years is done. We were pushed out by a magazine. It’s just a building, I suppose, and I’ve never really been sentimental about buildings but I am about this one. It’s INSANE to think about walking into a building for the first time, and how things just go from there, shaping your life, introducing you to new best friends that you’ll never ever be disconnected from. It’s insane to think of what time does/is. It’s been an absolute honor to be with and work with and play with all of the DBA-ers for so long. I hope Mack was still in there alone when the contractors came this morning.

Meanwhile, we’re putting out our new album, Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair, early next year. It was, I think, the last album ever recorded at Death by Audio, but I could be wrong about that, and it’s not a distinction I’m happy about anyway, since I wish there would be a zillion more. It’s going to be out on Western Vinyl on February 17 (from which you can preorder). You can see the album art and tracklisting here, and listen to a song here. Things end and things begin.


Bed Version

Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair

Cross Off

Something Wild

Doctor M

Half Cloud

Will the Boys?

Savage Seminar

Grenadine Scene from Inside

Foster Sister

Later a Dream


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