Twilight of the Golds Pt. II

So there were a few emails about last week’s Twilight post.

Yes, Breaking Bad is a very moral show. That’s not what I meant by “shades of grey”. Shows/literature/film/art that portrays morality as not being clear cut doesn’t posit that there’s no such thing as morality whatsoever (though that would be a perfectly defensible stance).

The four shows that are always discussed together (BB, The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos) are all intensely moral shows. None of them are exercises in nihilism (Though Sopranos probably comes closest). Breaking Bad is often mentioned as the one of the four that has the only clear-cut lines between good and bad. And that’s true, but only in the very broadest sense.

The show begins with Good and is very apparently going to end with Bad. But among the show’s several points seems to be that where that line is crossed is grey as fuck. Its creator has specifically said that that line will be different for everyone. That’s part of its greatness. Watch it again from beginning to end and you might even feel differently than you did the first time. The show is a trough with an obscured bottom point (whereas, say, The Sopranos is a ditch covered by a tarp with a few holes poked in it).





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