It’s Ridiculous

It feels increasingly lonely lately to value feminism in the underground/indie world/whatever you want to call whatever. There ARE a few people/bands who make it seem less lonely sometimes, people who are talented and honest and (I hesitate to use the word because it shouldn’t be what’s necessary) brave enough to say the things that should really go without saying: that women and men are equal, and that if you don’t think so on a very deep, fundamental level, you are horribly wrong, and that this is a VERY big deal. It’s weird how okay it is “these days” (huh?) for people in our little world to be misogynistic, to endorse misogyny, to endorse apathy about misogyny. Maybe it’s because more and more people think they can make money off this indie thing if they just get in the right commercial? And maybe talking about how sickening it is that we STILL don’t really have what we should in terms of equality or the abolition of rape culture isn’t going to sell those Levis. I don’t know what it is, but we’re tired of it, and I hope we get more unique, compassionate, outspokenly feminist voices soon.


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