And the Road Becomes My Bride Tour 2013

Here are our dates for this October and beyond. We love you all and hope to see you there.

October 9 – Boston MA @ Great Scott
October 10 – Princeton NJ @ Terrace Food Club
October 11 – Baltimore MD @ Windup Space
October 12 – Detroit MI @ PJ’s Lager House
October 14 РGrand Rapids  MI @ Pyramid Scheme
October 15 – Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle
October 16 – Madison WI @ Bassment
October 17 – Milwaukee WI @ Borg Ward
October 18 – St. Louis MO @ Plush
October 19 – Des Moines IA @ Vaudeville Mews
October 20 – Lawrence KS @ Replay Lounge
October 21 – Kansas City MO @ Czar Bar
October 22 – Norman OK @ Opolis
October 23 – Austin TX @ Mohawk
October 24 – Dallas TX @ Double Wide
October 25 – New Orleans LA @ Circle Bar
October 26 РNashville  TN @ Stone Fox
October 28 – Charleston SC @ Royal American
October 29 – Charlotte NC @ Strange House
October 30 – Richmond VA @ Strange Matter
November 1 – Brooklyn NY @ Death by Audio
November 13 – State College PA @ Chronic Town (w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars)
November 21 – Washington DC @ DC9 (w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars)
November 22 – Philadelphia PA @ The Fire (w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars)
November 23 – Brooklyn NY @ Knitting Factory (w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars)


Happy Tuesday. Our Album Is Out.

With absolutely no shame, we present to you our new album, Infinity Caller. It’s our 3rd album and we thank you for bearing with us while we talked about it and tweeted about it and almost broke up twice for like a year and a half. We wanted to be poppier and more experimental at the same time on this one, and we feel like we got there. Hope you dig. See if you can spot the samples within the narc’d-out shoegaze tripkraut. I don’t really like shoegaze though.

Stream the whole thing at Noisey here.

Order from Western Vinyl here.

Or pick it up in your local shop. Those are fun too.

Twilight of the Golds Pt. II

So there were a few emails about last week’s Twilight post.

Yes, Breaking Bad is a very moral show. That’s not what I meant by “shades of grey”. Shows/literature/film/art that portrays morality as not being clear cut doesn’t posit that there’s no such thing as morality whatsoever (though that would be a perfectly defensible stance).

The four shows that are always discussed together (BB, The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos) are all intensely moral shows. None of them are exercises in nihilism (Though Sopranos probably comes closest). Breaking Bad is often mentioned as the one of the four that has the only clear-cut lines between good and bad. And that’s true, but only in the very broadest sense.

The show begins with Good and is very apparently going to end with Bad. But among the show’s several points seems to be that where that line is crossed is grey as fuck. Its creator has specifically said that that line will be different for everyone. That’s part of its greatness. Watch it again from beginning to end and you might even feel differently than you did the first time. The show is a trough with an obscured bottom point (whereas, say, The Sopranos is a ditch covered by a tarp with a few holes poked in it).